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Trading Terms and Conditions

  1. Official orders must be placed online, emailed or faxed.
  2. Deliveries are subject to stock availability.
  3. Non-sample returns will only be accepted due to faulty workmanship or material and in their original condition.
  4. No returns will be accepted with printing, branding or embroidery on the item, please ensure that you have checked the item to your satisfaction before proceeding. No return will be accepted on altered merchandise.
  5. It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect the merchandise upon receiving an order. Any defect in terms of the correct style, color, size or must be corrected before any alterations are made to the merchandise.
  6. Cancelled orders or returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  7. Interest will be charged on all overdue amounts (subject to the terms of our credit agreement).
  8. Discounts are subject to timely settlement and will be reversed if payments are overdue.
  9. All goods remain the property of GC Apparel until paid in full.
  10. All prices are subject to change without prior notification.
  11. Returns Policy: Only goods taken as SAMPLES will be credited providing:
    • The goods are indicated as “samples” on the invoice
    • They are returned within 14 days of purchase
    • Garments are in the same condition and packaging as when they were purchased
    • Any garment that has been washed, dyed or altered will not be accepted as a return
    • If pockets were supplied with garments, they must be returned with the garments
    • Goods are accompanied by an original (or Copy) of the Tax Invoice
  12. All charges may not reflect on the online order summary page. Delivery and shipping charges maybe only appear on the final invoice sent. 
  13. Prices quoted on ship-to-order items are based on 6 week ocean freight shipping and subject to change with the change in shipping rates. Please enquire about our 1-2 week air freight shipping service. 
  14. Please check online orders carefully, cancelled online orders will also be subject to a 20% restocking fee. 


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