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Global Citizen Partnership Reward Points

Our simple to use partnership rewards points ensures that you get something back with every online order you place. Not only are you getting great value for money in the uniform and promotional products in our range but you are also building up points to redeem when you need them! Start collecting points today and save yourself some money in the future!


How it works: 

For every $10 you spend on an online order through our Global Citizen store, you will automatically collect 1 partnership reward point. Once you have collected at least 500 points you can redeem them to give you a discount on your online order.

Each point you redeem entitles you to a $10cent discount on an order. So if you redeem 500 points, it equates to a $50 discount on your order. 


To redeem, once you have collected at least 500 points and want to use your points on an order, select the 'Use my rewards points' option on the'Payment Options' tab during checkout. The discount will then be applied to your order. 


The best thing about the Global Citizen Partnership rewards points is that they NEVER expire so you can save yours up for a rainy day! Please email to report any problems experienced redeeming rewards points or for any fruther assistance.

Happy Spending! 



Terms & Conditions Of Use

  • Points can only be collected and redeemed on online orders.
  • Points for an order will only appear in your account after the order has been completed and a final invoice sent. 
  • Only completed online orders count towards collecting points. An order is completed once it has been invoiced and shipped to the client. 
  • Cancelled or returned online orders will deduct points previously earned from that order. 
  • Points can only be redeemed and used towards a discount when the number of points collected is greater than 500. 
  • Points collected on an order is rounded down to the nearest whole number. Eg. If your inovice total is $21.85, you will only collect 2 points for that order. 
  • When using points to recieve a discount on an order, the amount of points needed is rounded up to the nearest whole point. Eg. If your total order amount is 21.72, 219 points will be used to discount the total order amount.