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About Global Citizen Apparel and Promotional Products

At Global Citizen Apparel we provide solutions to all corporate apparel, uniform and promotional product and accessory needs. With our unique manufacturing profile, global sourcing capabilities and stocked basics range, we can help fill most corporate promotional, uniform and marketing briefs. Whether your company is big or small, whether you require a fully custom stocked program, factory direct private label manufacturing or just need to quickly fill a Canadian stocked order, we have solutions for you. We also offer additional services and marketing support for customers in terms of creating uniform or product concepts and storyboards as well as website creation and development (especially in the case of program business).

We are the North American sister company of Mass Supply Clothing, a leading international manufacturer & importer of promotional, corporate & uniform clothing.

Backed with over 32 years of experience in the promotional, corporate and uniform clothing industries along with large, well-stocked distribution centers and offices in various locations across South Africa and in North America, the Mass Supply group is a global player in the industry. Mass Supply offers a wide range of superior quality garments at competitive prices and covers many different product categories.

Global Citizen - Live the Change

Global Citizen, is the essence of change. It is a brand that captures the collective ethos of the world’s people and the global conscious movement that embraces green energy. Global Citizen is forward thinking and is united to a common goal and plan to the success of all. It is a movement away from the traditional clothing brands and towards a more environmentally friendly approach and a cleaner end-goal that relates to people globally.

We are moving into an age where big changes need to be made in how we live our everyday lives and treat the planet around us. Changes that free up our minds of old habits and give up unconscious behavior patterns that inhibit growth and limit success in a global society. Changes away from how humans have lived for the last hundreds of years towards sustainability, clean energy and a world united towards common goals. Global citizen is the essence of this change.

Our brand captures the movement away from segregation, differentiation and focusing on the present to a mind-set that reflects connectedness with each other. Global citizen strives to look to the future and how clothing and products should be going forward. It is not only a brand but an ideal that will unite peoples in co-creating a future equal to our vast potential.

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